Dive into the endless worlds of Eplpsy alone or challenge your opponents.


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  • Colorful Arcade gameplay. Enter a colorful space world and dodge endlessly-incoming obstacles. From crazy UFOs to black holes & explosive crates, you must always be on guard to survive otherwise the game is over.
  • Beautiful game worlds. You can unlock 5 different endless maps in single-player mode, based on how well you play the previous ones. Each world has its own scenery and different mechanics.
  • Unique spaceships. Gather coins throughout your space journey and use those to unlock up to 12 different unique space ships. As you play you’ll also be able to collect powerups that make you invincible for a short while.
  • Pick your controls. Eplpsy can be played with 3 different types of controls. Use both fingers to tap left/right or only one by swiping. Lastly you can also control the ship with your phone’s gyroscope.
  • Play against other players. Eplpsy can be played in multiplayer mode so you can challenge others to a space fight. Travel the farthest and win the race. Unlock achievements to get coin bonuses.

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